How long will SEO take?

Most tradies want to see results from their website quickly, meaning they want to rank on page 1 on google and start seeing traffic and business coming to their website quickly. As simple as SEO might seem, it’s important to know that your website isn’t going to magically appear in top Google search results overnight. A good SEO will have your business seeing results in approximately 3-6 months.

How much competition you are up against can impact how quickly your site ranks on google. a simple example if your trade website is targeting Australia-wide, it will take longer as there will be a lot of competition. If we change this to targeting your local service areas, results are achieved quicker as there isn’t much competition.

Some things to take into consideration when tracking SEO are your website design, ensuring it is user friendly, convenient and easy to access, the speed your website loads at and if its mobile responsive. These are all simple to fix and easy to improve but all play a significant role when it comes to ranking your website in google. 

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