How to start your own Tradie blog

Creating a blog is one of the best things you can do to generate traffic to your website and in turn increases your chances of converting visitors into customers. There’s many topics you could be creating blogposts on. Here’s a few suggestions. 

How to posts 

These are step by step guide on how to do something. Of course in many trades, your unable to do this for certain tasks which require a qualified and skilled tradesman to undertake, however its easy to choose topics that people can do and aren’t going to takeaway from your business. 

List Posts

These are, as said, lists of things. For a list post to be successful, it should be logically organized. You can organize chronologically, most to least popular, alphabetically or a step‐by‐step guide. List ideas could be “3 Great Ways to Remove Walls and Open Up Your Home or, Seven Questions To Ask When Considering A Roof Replacement 

Newsjacking Post 

This is where you comment on an issue which is popular in the media right now. These type of blog posts relate to the reader, and subconsciously create emotion, giving them the final push they needed to, for example, have their roof replaced, install new double glazed windows or trim the hedges that a creeping towards the power lines. 

We suggest when starting a blog, don’t over do it. Be dedicated to it, but don’t get carried away and post something everyday. You will soon find your website is generating more traffic, an increase in your SEO and your reputation as an expert in your field is established within your serviced areas

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