The three must haves on any good Tradies website

Having a website for your tradie business is just as important as having the right equipment for the job. An engaging website that’s well organised and built around a target audience can be your biggest asset in generating sales.

There are many benefits to having a website to support your business, but it isn’t just as easy as throwing together a website and hoping for the best. There are some things that all Tradie websites must include

Easy to find one click calling

If potential customers are searching for your service and needed to call you right away, then a click-to-call button makes this easy for your customers to get in touch.

When it comes to an inquiry, customers prefer phone contact over any other alternative, including email, self-service tools, and text chat. Websites where there is no phone number on the website or customers have to go searching for a way to contact the company can lead to a loss of business and your customers choosing the competition. 

Showcase customer reviews

Customer reviews help to build social proof and build trust for new customers.  Positive or negative reviews can both significantly impact your sales, customers will look for and read reviews before making a decision and choosing your business over the competitor. if they find the reviews reliable and accurate, they will more often than not listen to them. 

Mobile optimised

Having a website and ensuring it is is mobile and tablet friendly is essential for business. More than 50 percent of web search’s for businesses and services are carried out on mobile devices.  Building a website that is mobile responsive means your website is convenient and easy to access  quickly for the busy modern day person, increasing your chances of converting visitors into customers.

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